Vetark Reptoboost

Vetark Reptoboost




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Vetark Reptoboost is a carefully blended mixture of glucose and maltodextrins for energy, electrolytes, vitamins and probiotics to help debilitated reptiles as a pick-me-up.

Electrolyte, probiotic and energy drink for snakes, lizards and tortoises in need of a pick-me-up.

Reptoboost in the drinking water will provide the extra energy needed by animals that may be under veterinary treatment, stress, or for tortoises for post-hibernation recovery.

Its high palatability means it can be added to the drinking water, making its use simple for all species of reptiles including lizards, snakes and tortoise.


  • Pick-me-up for debilitated repitles
  • Packed full of probiotics, electrolytes, glucose and vitamins
  • Easy to administer, simply add to the drinking water



Reptoboost should be used at a rate of 1 scoop per 500ml of drinking water.

Change the water daily and gently rinse the reptile to wash off any residue from the skin. For recently woken tortoises, bathe them in a warm solution of Reptoboost to encourage them to drink. This should be done 2-5 times a day until they begin eating. Always wash them afterwards to remove residue from skin.

To help support your pet reptile’s diet see also Vetark Nutrobal multivitamin supplement.