Tetra Pond Variety Sticks


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Tetra Pond Variety Sticks is a complete food mix containing three types of food that meet the dietary requirements of various pond fish. With patented Active Formula for a healthy immune system, energy and vitality.

  • Varied nutrition comprising three different sticks, for health, colour and vitality
  • Contains essential nutrients, trace elements, vitamins and carotenoids
  • Colour enhancers for brightly coloured fish
  • Ideal for the daily feeding of all pond fish, ideal for ponds containing a mixture of different fish
  • Softens quickly for easy eating, highly digestible for low water pollution and better water quality

Available sizes: 150g, 600g, 1650g


Feed 2-4 times a day (depending on the temperature), feeding only as much as the fish will consume within a few minutes. Below 10°C, Tetra recommend switching to Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks.

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