Tetra Pond Koi Sticks


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Tetra Pond Koi Sticks is a high quality complete food, specially designed for the healthy and biologically balanced nutrition of Koi. With patented Active Formula to support a healthy immune system, energy and vitality.

  • Rich in carotenoids to promote excellent natural colouration.
  • Low waste formula for clean, clear water.
  • Contains all nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for a balanced, healthy diet.
  • Softens quickly for easy eating.

If you have a mixture of koi and other fish, feed Koi Sticks alongside your usual pond food.

In the winter switch to Wheatgerm Sticks.

Available sizes:

140 g (1L)

650 g (4L)

1100 g (7L)

1500 g (10L)

2350 g (15L)

7.5 Kg (50L)

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