Tetra EX 800 Plus





Tetra EX 800 Plus external aquarium filter.  An efficient way of filtering the water in any tank with a capacity of at least 100 litres.

The polluted aquarium water is cleaned using a five-step process and a variety of different filter media. The water is passed through ceramic filter rings, bio filter balls, traditional filter foam, carbon filter media and filter floss.  This process removes the various dirt particles and provides biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

The practical handles on the individual filter cartridges make it easy to clean the filter and replace the filter media.

The outflow pipe and hose can be adjusted to suit the size of the aquarium without any difficulty. There are also control valves on the inlet and outlet pipes to accurately set the flow of water and adapt it to suit different requirements.

For cleaning purposes, simply shut off the valves entirely and remove the filter unit from the connection equipment. The column of water is retained to ensure that there is no need to repeat the suction process when reconnecting the device.