Starter Aquarium Kit 23LT




The Starter Aquarium Kit 23LT by Aqua Dreams is a glass aquarium with a floating base and safety edges.  This tank is suitable for two small goldfish.  Goldfish can grow up to 12 inches in length, and as they grow they should be transferred to a bigger tank, or even a garden pond.

The kit includes the following items as standard:

  • 23 litre tank with lid
  • 1 Plastic Plant
  • Fish net
  • Filter
  • Background
  • User guide

We have included additional extras as we feel they are necessary for your pet’s wellbeing:

  • An extra plant
  • A small ornament
  • Gravel
  • Water conditioner
  • Small tub of food (we will ask what type of fish you intend to keep)

Care Tips:

Aquarium water needs to mature before fish are introduced, this helps to prevent fish dying from ‘new tank syndrome’.  Chlorine in tap water is harmful to fish, so use a water conditioner such as API Goldfish Protect at start up and during water changes.  Beneficial bacteria also need time to grow in the aquarium filter before fish are added, as they help to break down fish waste and remove harmful chemicals such as ammonia. Water treatments such as Fluval Cycle speed up this process (not included).  Always read the instructions carefully before using water treatments.

Never over feed your fish as uneaten food rots and contaminates the water.  Always read and follow the feeding instructions.

Delivery information:

Please note that we can only deliver this item in Ireland.  This product is ordered for you specifically upon payment received. Updates will be given to you, our valued customer, regarding delivery times.  Delivery time for this product varies from 2 days to 1 month. Thank you.