Round Feeding Ring




Round Feeding Ring, an ideal way to localise fish feeding in your aquarium. Your fish will learn that the food is placed inside the ring.

Feeding rings are beneficial as some water currents suck the food into the filter before the fish can eat it.  The ring keeps the food in one place, giving the fish a chance to eat it all.  This helps to reduce food waste which keeps the water cleaner for longer.

You can use more than one ring to create different feeding areas in the tank, this is a good way of solving bullying issues at feeding time.  You can also use the rings to feed different foods to fussy eaters.

The ring can be stuck to the side of the tank with the attached suction cup, or it can float freely on the water surface.

Perfect for flake food such as Aquarian Tropical Flakes

Simple to set up.

Size: 3 inches across