Reptile UV Test Cards




Reptile UV test cards, a quick and simple way to test if your UV bulbs are still emitting UV radiation.

This reusable card can measure ultraviolet (UV) radiation accurately in 10 seconds.  Hold the card under the UV lamp at the basking site (within 5 cm distance to the lamp) to check if the lamp is available or not.

The lizard image on the card is white. If the lamp is still emitting UV radiation  the image will appear purple when held under the UV lamp.

Replace the bulb annually, or sooner if the card doesn’t show any colour.

The card can be used up to 500 times when used in 10 second increments.

When not in use, please return to the card sleeve or store in a dark place.

One card per pack

For Ultraviolet lights see the Exo Terra Solar Glo Mercury lamps.