Nutrafin 3 Day Holiday Feeder

Nutrafin 3 Day Fish Feeder




Nutrafin 3 Day Fish Feeder with multi-vitamins, has been specifically formulated to provide food for your aquarium fish for up to 3 days.

The slow release feeder provides a varied diet of pellets and multi-vitamins for community aquariums.

A complete pet food for tropical fish.

Pack of 4 blocks

Feeding guide: Simply add one block per 8 UK gallons.  For best results the temperature should be kept between 24-25C, and pH should be between 6.8-7.2.  Do not use in bowls or aquariums without adequate filtration or aeration.

Note: It is recommended to do a 20% water change after using the 3-day fish feeder.

From the Hagen brand

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