Natural Slate



Natural Slate is an ideal decoration for your fish tank as it can create a natural statement piece.  It can also be used in vivariums.

Bag of 12 pieces. This is a handy option for smaller aquariums.

  • Use to create shelter and hiding places for your fish, which helps to reduce stress.
  • It can offer breeding opportunities for aquarium fish.
  • Aquarium glue such as Nirox Clear Sealant can be used to create safe, stable structures.
  • Provides a different texture for your fish to nibble on.
  • Suitable for aquariums and vivariums

We lined our tortoises’ water bath with slate, this gave them more confidence to enter the water (see photo)

As this is a natural product, the size and shape of each piece varies.  Sizes range from approximately 1 – 4 inches across. (12 pieces per pack).

The slate comes pre-washed but we recommend that you rinse them again before use.