Leddy Day&Night 7W Sunny




Leddy Day&Night 7W Sunny.  Retrofit light tube from Aquael.

27 cm.

Suitable for aquariums with a width of 30-60 cm

The Day & Night lighting module integrates both day and night lighting.  Powerful LEDs emit a colour temperature light, which creates favourable conditions for live foliage and highlights the natural colouration of tank inhabitants.

The SUNNY mode emits daylight-imitating light, which highlights the natural colouration of fish and creates good conditions for the growth of aquatic foliage.

The NIGHT mode emits blue light, imitating that of the moon. It is particularly useful in tanks with fish active at night – they can be observed even after the sunset.

When switched on, the panel automatically sets to SUNNY. The modes are changed upon switching the panel off and on again within no more than 5 seconds. To switch directly into SUNNY, switch the panel off for more than 5 seconds and then switch it back on.

Modules are sold as spare parts – they are packed in gray packaging without imprints.