Large Repti Hammock

Large Repti Hammock




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The Large Repti Hammock, a soft nylon mesh which provides a lofty, yet accessible multi-dimensional perch. Create an arboreal resting place on the slippery sides of your glass or acrylic terrarium.

Designed to act like a large branch or leaf where reptiles would sit in the high reaches of the tropical rain forests. The mesh hammock attaches to the sidewalls of any glass or plastic terrarium or vivarium which also adds a 3D dimension to the square tank. Tree-climbing animals such as chameleons and some geckos don’t feel too safe on the ground so it’s good to give them plenty of elevated platforms. While other lizards will just enjoy playing on the hammock or basking on it. The suckers make it easy to move it around to keep your tank interesting.

Size: 44 cm (17.5 inches) length

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