King British Algae Wafers


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King British Algae Wafers are a complete food, developed to meet the nutritional needs of all bottom-feeding algae eaters including Corydoras, Loaches & Plecos.

The wafers are dark-green discs approximately 15mm in diameter. They are designed to sink and provide a balanced diet with 45% protein.  The vegetarian wafers contain both Vitamin C and our unique IHB ‘Health Booster’ to aid fish health. They are designed to remain stable in the water for up to 3 hours allowing grazing fish to take their time to eat the food.

Choose size: 40g or 100g tub

Directions for use:

Feed daily (but only 6 days per week), sufficient to last approximately 15 – 20 minutes per feed. Do not overfeed and remove any uneaten food. Ideally feed in the evening.

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