Juwel T8 Warm-Lite Bulbs


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Juwel T8 Warm-Lite Fluorescent Bulbs.  The Juwel Warm-Lite T8 fluorescent tube creates a warm and natural light. The special Warm-Lite light spectrum promotes plant photosynthesis, whilst highlighting the green colours in your aquarium.
When used in conjunction with the JUWEL Day-Lite, the Warm-Lite is perfect for creating a complete sun spectrum.

  • Warm, natural light
  • Natural colour effect with 3000 Kelvin
  • Promotes the growth of tall-growing plants
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with JUWEL Day-Lite

Sizes available:

15 Watt: 43.8 cm /  17.24 inches

18 Watt: 59 cm / 23.23 inches

30 Watt: 89.5 cm / 35.24 inches

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