Juwel Nitrax Sponge


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The Juwel Nitrax Sponge is a biological filter medium to break nitrates down in your aquarium. It reduces the growth of algae and promotes the vitality of your plants and fish.


  • Reduces nitrate
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Increases the vitality of your fish
  • Purely biologically active

Available Sizes:

Medium, Large and Extra Large


Nitrax M
Lido 200 LED, Primo 110 LED, Rio 125 LED, Rio 180 LED, Rio 240, Lido 120 LED, Trigon 190 LED, Vision 180 LED

Nitrax L
Rio 350 LED, Vision 260 LED

Nitrax XL
Rio 450 LED, Trigon 350 LED, Vision 450 LED