Juwel MultiLux Light Unit


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The Juwel MultiLux LED is a high-performance, energy-saving LED light unit for your Juwel aquarium. The replaceable DAY and NATURE LED tubes create an optimum light spectrum for plants and fish, while saving up to 50 % of energy in comparison to T5 light units at the same time.

The MultiLux high-performance LED from Juwel is complete with DAY and NATURE LED tubes, which is the perfect light spectrum for enhancing fish colours and optimum plant growth.

  • LED DAY and NATURE tubes for a wide light spectrum
  • Replaceable real glass LED tubes
  • Up to 50 % energy saving compared to T5
  • High-tech membrane acting as moisture barrier
  • Compatible with your JUWEL aquarium


ENERGY SAVING  – Up to 50% energy saving in comparison to T5 fluorescent tubes, due to energy-saving LED DAY and NATURE lighting media.

PERFECT LIGHT – The DAY and NATURE LED tubes, which are installed in the factory, ensure a broad light spectrum, promote plant growth and emphasise the colours in their underwater world.

EASY CHANGE – Replaceable real glass LED lighting media enable the simple replacement of the LED lighting media.

ACTIVEPOR – The high-tech membrane within the Multilux LED prevents moisture penetration and promotes controlled air exchange.

EASY FIT – Compatible with all JUWEL aquariums with a permanently-installed top frame. Such as RIO, LIDO, VISION and TRIGON.

Sizes available:

70 cm: 2 x 14 Watt

80 cm: 2 x 14 Watt

92 cm: 2 x 19 Watt

100 cm: 2 x 23 Watt

120 cm: 2 x 29 Watt

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