Juwel BioPlus Coarse Sponge


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The JUWEL BioPlus filter sponge coarse serves for the mechanical and biological filtering of your aquarium.
The coarse pore structure gives a large surface area, guaranteeing relatively high and even water flow velocity. This means that it is particularly suited to biological filtering.

Box contains one sponge


  • Best mechanical and biological filtering characteristics
  • Homogeneous structure, guaranteeing even flow conditions
  • No chemical residue
  • Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

3 sizes available:

Medium: suitable for the Juwel aquariums: Primo 110 LED, Rio 125 LED, Rio 180 LED, Rio 240, Trigon 190 LED, Vision 180 LED, Lido 120 LED, Lido 200 LED

Large: suitable for the Juwel aquariums: Rio 350 LED, Vision 260 LED

Extra Large: suitable for the Juwel aquariums: Rio 450 LED, Vision 450 LED, Trigon 350 LED

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