IP Internal Power Filter Mini

IP Internal Power Filter Mini





IP Internal Power Filter Mini.  The Interpet PF Filtration system represents the most versatile, comprehensive and easy-to-use filters available. With its unique easily located cradle the filters are simple to fit, and its triple action filter will keep your aquarium clean.

Better aeration with its rocker switch controlled powerful venturi and better maintenance due to its easy clean filter cartridge.

Patented Aqua valve which allows waste materials to pass into the filter, whilst at the same time preventing them from dumping back into the aquarium. Therefore unlike other filters the Power Filter range allows you to simply turn off the filter and the remove the body for cleaning without seeing the removed waste drop back into the aquarium. Fully adjustable, with an easy flow rate and direction adjustment.

Max flow rate 200 Litres/hour.

Power: 5 Watts.

Ideal for aquarium size: Length – up to 35 cm (14 inches), Volume – 5 – 40 Litres.