Interpet Swim Bladder Treatment Plus

Interpet Swim Bladder Treatment




Interpet Swim Bladder Treatment Plus eradicates the bacteria that cause swim bladder infections.

What does Swimbladder infection look like? Swimbladder infections make it tough for your fish to swim properly and keep balance in the water.  This may make them look like they’re swimming a bit lopsided, sinking down to the bottom or floating to the top of your aquarium. It’s also likely that they have a swollen and uncomfortable abdomen and so are not eating their food.

Keep your fish swimming along happily and say “no!” to swim bladder problems. Swimbladder infections cause your fish to lose control of their buoyancy, resulting in severe stress and death. Swimbladder Treatment Plus destroys the bacteria that causes the infections, leaving your fish in tip-top condition once again.

Use for treating swimbladder infections in your aquarium fish.