Interpet PF3 Plain Foam

Interpet PF3 Plain Foam




Interpet PF3 Plain Foam, designed for the Interpet PF3 Power Filter

Pack of 3 foams.

These filter foams provide effective biological and mechanical filtration. The foam acts as a media for critical bacteria to inhabit, and removes waste such as uneaten food and plant matter from the aquarium.

  • For coldwater or tropical aquariums
  • High quality product, essential for the long-term health and wellbeing of your aquarium plants and fish.

The filter foams should be changed every six months to keep your aquarium healthy, clean and clear.

  1. Carry out a 25% water change – remember to use Tapsafe to treat tap water.
  2. Disconnect power, remove PF head, then remove foams from inside PF body
  3. Discard of old filter foams and replace with new foam pads.

After cleaning your filter, or when adding new fish, it is advisable to add Fast Filter Start to boost the beneficial bacteria population of your aquarium.