Heat Lamp Stand




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Heat Lamp Stand. An adjustable, floor-standing metal lamp stand, with a hook for hanging the lamp holder, such as the Exo Terra wire clamp holder (see photos) and the Exo Terra Dome Lighting Fixture

Screw assembly makes it very easy to adjust the height and reach.  No tools needed!

It can be used with various glass containers, incubators, terrariums, brooders, cages or water tanks. Suitable for all kinds of reptiles, amphibians and small animals.

To prevent the stand from toppling over, especially when fully extended, ensure the base of the stand is underneath the vivarium/terrarium, as far as possible.

Base size: 15 x 9cm/6 x 3.5inch (approx)

Width range: 22 – 30 cm/8.7 – 11.8 inch (approx)

Height range: 40 – 64cm/15.7 – 25 inch (approx)