Fluval Bio-Foam 406/407




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Fluval Bio-Foam 406/407 is designed specifically for the Fluval 406/407 performance canister filters, to capture large particles and debris for effective mechanical filtration.

Fish, plants, and some natural decor all contribute some physical waste to your aquarium. Mechanical filtration takes care of trapping unwanted debris, keeping water clear and your aquarium clean.

For the health and survival of your fish you will want to ensure there is strong biological filtration present. Fluval Bio-Foam enhances the biological filtration process.


  • Mechanical filter media
  • Custom fit to prevent debris bypass
  • Ideal pore size allows efficient water flow and longer media lifespan
  • Enhances the biological filtration process
  • Convenient 2-pack format
  • 2 x foam filter blocks included

Pack of 2 sponges

Item No. A226