Flowerpot Plant Air Diffuser




Flowerpot Plant with air diffuser.  This decorative aquarium ornament has everything! Shelter for small fish, attractive plant details, and there is a built in air diffuser inside the pot (see photos).

The air diffuser aerates the water which adds additional oxygen to the water, and creates a bubble display.

A check valve is included with this product so that you can attach an airline.

Airline is sold separately, Marina Blue Airline Tubing is one of our airline options.

The base is sturdy, made of resin with stone details, provides stability in the gravel.


Base: 4.5 x 3 inches

Flowerpot: just over 2 inches tall

Overall the plant height is approximately 5 inches

Only one left!

Sydeco (this product is also known as Antica Pot Plant air diffuser).