Floating Magnet Cleaners with Handle


Floating Magnet Cleaners with Handle, can be used with or without the detachable plastic scraper.  See our video demo of the Large magnet cleaner, where you can see how effective the magnet is!

The large magnet cleaner is designed for glass aquariums up to 15mm thick, but as demonstrated in our video, we used three pieces of glass (6mm each) totalling 18mm thickness.  This shows the capability of this excellent quality magnet cleaner.

The handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip.  The robust magnet allows for quick and effective cleaning, easily removing algae from the aquarium glass.

Please note the magnet is very strong, and is not suitable for children, care must be taken when using this powerful magnet cleaner. Beware of fingers!

Available in the following sizes:

Mini: 3 inches long (approx) – glass thickness up to 3mm

Small: 3.5 inches long (approx) – glass thickness up to 6mm

Medium: 4 inches long (approx) – glass thickness up to 10mm

Large: 5 inches long (approx) – glass thickness up to 15mm (see note above)