ExoTerra Red Stone Desert


ExoTerra Red Stone Desert substrate mimics the natural soil found in arid regions, such as deserts or savannahs. Most desert soils are not purely sand-based but rather a combination of sand, decomposed granite and clay resulting in interesting and sometimes colorful rock formations.  This natural desert soil does not contain any added dyes or chemicals

ExoTerra Red Stone Desert substrate allows you to create your own desert or savannah landscape, including cool-humid burrows and tunnels as well as warmer elevated outcrops providing a basking area for your reptile. The cool-humid burrows allow your reptiles to absorb the much needed moisture via their skin while sleeping or hiding, while the warmer elevated basking areas help your reptiles to thermoregulate by offering various important temperature gradients.

The key features of this desert substrate are:

  • It does not collapse once dry,
  • It is an excellent heat conductor.
  • Ideal for creating your own desert or savannah landscape
  • It stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior, enables natural behaviour and reduces stress.

Available size: 5 kg and 10 kg

Substrates in natural terrariums have many functions and are not only there for decoration purposes. They play a very important role in the determination of the terrarium’s micro-climate.

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