ExoTerra Ocher Stone Desert


Exo Terra Ocher Stone Desert recreates the natural soil found in arid regions, like deserts or savannahs, which generally are not just sand-based but are a mixture of sand, decomposed granite and clay resulting in interesting and sometimes colorful rock formations.

This substrate allows you to create your own desert or savannah landscape, it does not collapse once dry. It also stimulates the natural digging and burrowing behavior of your pet which helps to reduce stress.

The cool-humid burrows that can be created allow your reptiles to absorb the much needed moisture via their skin while sleeping or hiding.

You can also build warmer elevated basking areas, such as outcrops.  These warmer basking areas help your reptiles to thermoregulate by offering various important temperature gradients.

The Key Features of the ExoTerra Ocher Stone Desert substrate are:

– Natural desert soil, no added dyes or chemicals
– Ideal to create your own desert or savannah landscape
– Allows you to create outcrops, tunnels and burrows
– Excellent heat conductor

Available sizes: 5 kg and 10 kg

The Exo Terra Water Dishes blend in well with desert set-ups.