Exo Terra Tortoise Skeleton




The new Exo Terra Tortoise Skeleton decoration, adds a prehistoric accent to your vivarium/terrarium.

  • Provides a secure hiding place
  • Ideal to create a humid microclimate
  • Integrates in any type of terrarium
  • Helps to prevent stress
  • Made from food-grade resin
  • Has a flat base for stability

There are 2 entrances, the openings are approximately 1.5 inches wide and just over half an inch high. 

Approximate Dimensions: (L x W) 5.5 x 4 inches

A proper hiding area is an often underestimated but necessary feature of a natural terrarium/vivarium (see our Blog). Without a safe spot to hide and sleep, reptiles and amphibians will easily develop stress that will affect their activity and appetite. Hideouts will also provide a shelter and a cooler and moister area in the terrarium; this is essential for their wellbeing.