Elodea Canadensis Aquatic Plant

Elodea Canadensis Aquatic Plant




Elodea Canadensis Aquatic Plant, also known as Canadian Pondweed.

Sold in packs of 10 pieces.

This is a cold water Oxygenating Aquatic Plant, suitable for garden ponds and aquariums.  This is a seasonal product available from late January until November, depending on weather conditions.

Provides shelter for the fish and other pond life, and is ideal for breeding goldfish as they lay their eggs on the plant.

Can grow with or without a container.  For more control grow in a planter or tub as this plant can grow very quickly.

Locally grown in our garden pond

Plant Weights are available when using this plant in aquariums, as it tends to float to the surface.  This will help anchor the plant to the gravel allowing it to root.