Corbo Catfish Root 17inches




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Corbo Catfish Root, a natural aquarium wood to decorate your fish tank.  See our video demonstration to get a better idea of what it looks like.

Made up of one thick trunk with multiple branches protruding in all directions.  This wood makes a unique focal point in your fish tank, and offers security and sanctuary for shy fish.

Most of the pieces are hollowed out making it the perfect hiding place for fish like catfish.

Approximate dimensions:

Overall length: 17 inches (approx)

Main base of the trunk: 6 – 7 inches wide (approx)

Where pieces stick out the overall width is 8 – 9 inches wide (approx).

Please note: this Corbo Catfish Root is a heavy piece of wood, please handle with care.  It is a natural product so shapes and sizes will vary.

We recommend thoroughly rinsing in warm water before placing in your aquarium.  Please note: this wood may initially float, but after prolonged saturation it will sink.

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