Cascade Reptile Disinfectant

Cascade Cleaning Disinfectant




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Cascade Cleaning Disinfectant spray for reptiles. Kills viruses and bacteria including Salmonella. Ideal for cleaning vivariums, bowls and work surfaces.

Cascade has been specifically formulated to be used with reptiles.  It is unscented and does not contain phenols.  This disinfectant will destroy bacteria, including salmonella and other micro-organisms and help to keep your pet’s and family’s environment healthy by preventing cross contamination.

Cascade is used to both clean and disinfect:

  • drinkers
  • feeding bowls (such as the Exo Terra Feeding Dish)
  • utensils
  • vivariums, terrariums, and tanks
  • floors and all hard surfaces around the home.

It will not stain or corrode and is readily biodegradable.

Safe for pets