Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 3600




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Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 3600 was previously called Koi Air 65.

Pond aeration is an essential part of a successful pond, fish and other pond life require oxygen rich water in order to stay healthy.  The Blagdon Pond Oxygenator is an effective aerator as it is able to run numerous air stones at any one time. This creates a healthy oxygen rich pond that will benefit your fish and biological filter bacteria.

Filter bacteria, essential to the breakdown of toxic ammonia and nitrate, also require oxygen to flourish, and keep the pond free from the build up of toxic waste.  The Blagdon Pond Oxygenation pump will dramatically increase the level of oxygen in the pond and reduce carbon dioxide levels. This aids in preventing the pond from stagnating by injecting air into the water.
Additionally, by placing air stones directly into the filter chambers, beneficial bacteria will be encouraged to grow which in turn will greatly improve filter efficiency and fish health.

Key features:

  • Specifically designed for water garden application
  • Able to run multiple air stones at a time
  • Dramatically increases the level of oxygen
  • Prevents pond stagnating
  • Cost effective to run, as it is of a low wattage design
  • Can be maintained with excellent value replaceable parts.