Bio Life Forest Substrate

Bio Life Forest Substrate




ProRep Bio Life Forest Substrate is designed to allow the maintenance of living ecosystems inside the terrarium.

A premium specialist bioactive substrate suitable for maintaining living plants in forest environment terrariums. Carefully blended to provide the optimum combination of structure, PH and nutrient content.  This allows vigorous root development for living plants. Also helps to create a suitable habitat for organisms such as springtails and woodlice.

When used in a planted terrarium a living ecosystem can be created where the terrarium occupants co-exist with the plants, bacteria, fungi, and detritivores living in the substrate.  This creates a self-sustaining ecosystem which requires minimal maintenance once fully established.

Best used inside glass or plastic terrariums as wood vivariums may be damaged by the moisture held in the substrate.


Our Natural Oak Branch would make an excellent decoration in a forest set-up and provide your pet with climbing and exploration opportunities.