Aquarian Goldfish Flake


Aquarian Goldfish Flake is made with a nutrient-rich blend that provides all goldfish with a complete and balanced diet.  Designed for all common and fancy varieties of goldfish, this food is also suitable for small pond fish.

The flakes are high in vitamins C & E to support a healthy immune system, and include high quality protein sources to help support optimal growth.  Aquarian Goldfish & Coldwater Flake is scientifically proven to help you have healthy, active, and bright fish.

Sizes available: 25g, 50g and 200g


Feed your fish twice a day, only the amount of food your fish will consume within five minutes.

The importance of nutrition

Choosing the right food for your fish is important. Remember that the food you feed your fish is its only source of nourishment.  AQUARIAN® fish food provides your fish with a complete and balanced diet, with all of the nutrients your fish need to stay healthy.

Your fish have a well-developed taste and will reject food they do not like. Uneaten food can lead to poor water quality in your aquarium. AQUARIAN® fish foods have unique recipes which are highly palatable and also easy for your fish to digest. This means that more of the food is metabolised and used by the fish, with less excreted waste, resulting in less pollution in your aquarium water.