Reptile Food for a variety of reptiles. The nutritional requirements of reptiles varies. There are carnivores, omnivores, and a few are herbivores (strictly plant eaters).

The majority of reptiles are specialized feeders as they have a primitive digestive tract. Certain species cannot digest plant fibres, and others have difficulty digesting high protein sources (e.g. animals). Some groups switch from a higher protein diet in their juvenile stage to a higher fibre diet in their adult stage. These higher protein diets often consist of young greens and growing foliage. But some groups get their protein by occasionally eating insects or animal matter (omnivores). Reptiles in captivity use less energy than in the wild so their diets need to adapt to life in a terrarium. Some species that are omnivores in the wild can thrive on pure vegetable diets in captivity (e.g. Bearded Dragons).

We have a range of Reptile Food to suit their different requirements.